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Rainbow Fusion Icontest

taste the rainbow...

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Rainbow Fusion Icontest

pimp us out, yo.

welcome to the one, the only:

Rainbow Fusion Livejournal Icon Challenge Community


you make icons? you like voting? then join. we love you long time.

here's how the magic happens:
a mod will post two unrelated challenges.
you have two (2) weeks to make one (1) or two (2) icons per challenge.
icons must be lj-friendly. i.e. no larger than 40k, no bigger than 100x100 pixels, and they must be saved as one of the following file types: .GIF .JPG .JPEG .PNG
you *points* post them in a comment like so:

challenge 1:

that way, we see the icon, and we can use your image server for your icon to avoid problems.
after the deadline is up, we post all the icons anonymously, and you comment with your vote.
(all comments are by default screened, incase you were wondering.)
you vote for 1 per challenge. don't vote for yourself! >_>
after about a week, the winners are posted, and a new challenge is posted soon after.

we are always open to suggestions as well, and if you have any questions, or have trouble in your icon endeavors, don't hesitate to contact any of the mods for help.

....oh yeah! the mods:
storm_flag hellokittiy13 missafaery13

you like? good. now join.